Meet Latekia


She's Me was created from a personal yet tragic experience. I lost 4 of my children due to domestic violence in my home,my apartment and my job. I fought til the end for my children to be returned to me.I was unsuccessful.This incident drove me into a deep depression,which I contemplated suicide over and over. I decided to live but in doing so, I really lived. Partying,multiple sex partners,drinking, you name it I tried it. I didn't have nothing else to lose. 

I found a friend that constantly spoke life into me,reminding me of how beautiful I am, my worth etc. Shes me is MY STORY..I'm ordinary country girl,whose lived on housing with 5 children and  no car for years. I became childless, carless, homeless, jobless, I bent but didnt break.i now own a business,have a great paying job,have 2 cars (own 1) have a savings,& apartment.

I be the odds the was formed against me..She's Me. My brands concept is to uplift,inspire,motivate or encourage women who may relate to my brand through skincare and kind words.In the future I want to add apparel,shoes,hair,lashes etc. Anything to build self esteem and confidence.